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OnePager All-Stars: Great Examples for Fundraising Founders

Adam Hardej

OnePager Co-Founder

November 4th, 2021

Every month we see ~1000 startups using OnePager and we're proud to have been trusted by fundraising founders from programs like YC, On Deck, and Techstars with backers like Founders Fund, Sequoia, and General Catalyst. We’re always looking to support founders using OnePager and a big part of that is helping them use the tool to tell their stories as effectively as possible.

We’ve written about this a couple of times, but rather than discuss general best practices, in this post we’re excited to show off some “All-Stars” who have used OnePager to raise in the past. All of the OnePagers you see below have successfully raised a Pre-Seed or Seed round from top investors in the last year.

Every startup story is different and what works for one team may not work for another, but we hope this will be able to provide some inspiration and guidance as you put together your own materials!

The All-Stars:

Muse - Squarespace for 3D websites

Ben and Muse were first featured in February, 2021 - since then they’ve gone on to complete YC S21 and raise $2M from top investors.

Why they're an All-Star:

  • Show off your lead investors - Muse went through YC and they took advantage of the strong signal that provides to other investors. You can do the same (whether you went to YC or not)! Has someone already invested? Do you have advisors your proud of? Make sure to show them off in the Investor & Advisors card.

CodeGem - The first management intelligence platform built for software engineers.

Stephanie and CodeGem went on to raise a pre-seed round from investors like Joshua Browder (Founder of DoNotPay) after kicking off their raise with the Investor Day Newsletter*.

Why they're an All-Star:

  • CodeGem does a great job of making a complicated product feel understandable. Their pitch deck is an excellent example of this. B2B solutions can be complex and multi-faceted, but you shouldn't let that keep you from being concise. Their 18 slide pitch deck does a great job of being thorough without being too long.

Kaya - The Climber's App. Download now for All the Beta, All the Stoke.

Austin and Kaya were some of our earliest users and went on to raise from firms like Tribe Capital and the climber Alex Honnold (worth a google).

Why they're an All-Star:

  • Hard to beat this team section! As a product for climbers they do a great job of showing off how their team is entrenched in this space. No, you don't have to do a photoshoot to have a great OnePager. That being said, make sure each of your team member descriptions point out relevant experiences that put you all in a great position to execute.

Lunch - Building the payment infrastructure for the offline economy.

Cullen and Lunch were first featured in Investor Day 17* and have gone on to secure Financial Venture Studio as their lead investor.

Why they're an All-Star:

  • Lunch makes great use of the FAQs and takes the opportunity to dive deeper into relevant questions that every investor is going to ask. While they keep their pitch deck and team video concise to make sure they don't lose viewer attention - FAQs offer the opportunity to go deeper on topics that would have made their deck or video too long to be engaging. If you're having a hard time including everything you think is important earlier in the OnePager, the FAQs are a great place to be thorough. That being said, don't go crazy - we suggest 3-5 FAQs max!

*If you haven’t checked it out already, here’s a link to our Investor Day page and a blog post that explains it in a bit more detail: What is Investor Day?

Honorable Mention:

Click here to see the OnePager All-Stars Board

If we included every startup that has ever had a great OnePager this would be a very long post, but for those of you who want to explore more great examples - click above to see a Board with 39 more!

Looking for more inspiration?

Here are a couple other posts we’ve written about best-practices that try to encapsulate what you see above in more general terms:

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