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OnePager acquired by Stonks

Adam Hardej

OnePager Co-Founder

February 1st, 2022

We’re excited to announce that OnePager has been acquired by Stonks and that our founding team will be joining full-time immediately. We have admired the Stonks platform (and their memes) from afar, so when the opportunity to join Ali Moiz and the rest of the team knocked, we knew we had to take it. OnePager and our Investor Day newsletter will remain live for the foreseeable future, and we will begin transitioning the scout program to Stonks over the next few months.

As founders, it can be counterintuitive to think about joining another team - to give up your ownership - to shift your mission. With Stonks, we feel we have a unique chance to not only continue our work in the startup investing space, but to accelerate it considerably. The shared mission of improving the private markets to the benefit of founders and angels alike made this as easy of a decision as it could be.

At Stonks we will be continuing the type of work we were already doing at OnePager with more resources (thanks to Andrew Chen and other amazing investors) and more impact (Stonks is on track to help founders raise over $120M a year). 2022 is set to be an incredible year and there’s nowhere we’d rather be.

Thank you to everyone who took a chance on us and we can’t wait to keep building!

Stonks only go up,
, Adam, and Nic
(as pictured candidly below)

P.S. - Make sure to register to join the next Stonks Demo Day on March 3rd!

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