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Grant Shaddick,
Co-Founder @ Tella

"OnePager made it easy for us to get all our key information in a single place, while leveraging platforms we're already on. Whether it's for fundraising or hiring I can include our OnePager link to tell Tella's story so much better."

Dalia Katan,
Founder @ Presently

“Telling the entire Presently story was a lot easier with OnePager. It helped us give investors context about who we are and what we believe in and led to a much better fundraising experience. OnePager’s extensive investor network was icing on the cake!”

Gaurav Jain,
Partner @ Afore Capital

"We used OnePager for our Zero-to-One demo day and recommend it to all of our companies. As an investor, it makes it much easier to get past the surface level of what someone’s building and understand the whole story."

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