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Get funded faster

Time is money, so accelerate your raise with us. Find your lead or fill out your round and get back to building.

All asynchronous

No time limits and chunks out of your calendar. Put your best foot forward and share everything that matters.

Access control & analytics

Control access to your data and analyze engagement. Gage interest from investors and know what they've seen when following up.

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Who are these 1,000+ investors?

Investors are invited directly by us or apply to join. The majority are professional investors (VCs) with a number of active angels and scouts for other leading funds as well.

How does this work?

We want to showcase your startup to 1,000+ investors in our Investor Day Newsletter.

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Sign up for OnePager and share your company's story. Right away, you'll be able to use OnePager as a presentation tool to share your company with investors and advisors (think DocSend built specifically for fundraising).

OnePager Review

All eligible OnePagers are reviewed by our team. We'll reach out via email with basic feedback and ask your permission to share your company. We want to feature you in your best light!

Investor Day

Every other Thursday, we share a batch of OnePagers with our network of 1,000+ investors. Investors may reach out directly, or you'll be able to follow up and track their engagement with OnePager analytics.

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OnePager is an awesome tool that helped us close our pre-seed round. The beautiful UI let us share our story effectively, and the analytics behind it helped us identify and reach out to key investors. Amazing product! We'll definitely be using it again when we raise our seed.

Stephanie Mills

Founder @ CodeGem


Investor Day generated as many leads/first meetings in a week as I had been able to secure during the first month of the raise.

Austin Lee

Founder & COO @ Kaya


I was having a hard time telling the entire story about Presently with a pitch deck. OnePager helped me give context about who we are and what we believe in, ultimately leading to more investor meetings!

Dalia Katan

Founder @Presently


HiHome is officially closing our pre-seed round this week with ~1/2 of the investors coming through OnePager OR were referred to us by someone who found us on OnePager -- woohoo!

Tony Shu

Co-Founder @ HiHome

At first we were skeptical. Investor Day flies in the face of the traditional “warm intros only” approach to fundraising. But how can you argue with results? At least 10 reputable VCs reached out to us within a few days of the investor day. It was a huge time saver!

Dustin Boss

Founder @


OnePager was a great way for us to easily share all our information within the channels we already use everyday. It's easy to email, but it's also short enough to memorize so I can send it in a text, slack, or twitter DM without having to go and find the link to copy/paste.

Lex Oiler

Co-Founder @ Peachy

Come for exposure, get a OnePager forever.

OnePager is a presentation tool comparable to DocSend and Notion. We encourage you to share your OnePager on your own in addition to our Investor Day audience.

Share with a link

No more pdf attachments, share your OnePager with a short & simple link (ex.

Always up to date

Make last minute touchups and avoid catastrophic typos. You're always in control.

Complete Context

Your company is more than your deck. Share everything else that makes your business vaulable.

Embedded Video

Have an engaging video to help tell your story? Share it directly from your OnePager.

Team and Advisor Socials

Investors care about the team and your network. Show who you are with proof.

Engagement Analytics

Track every visitor, collect emails, and see detailed engagement analytics.

Access Control

Make sure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Control who can see your OnePager.

Export Investor Information

Export all of the investors that have visited your OnePager.

Recruiting OnePagers

After the raise, create a recruiting OnePager to supercharge your hiring.