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"Investor Day generated as many leads/first meetings in a week as I had been able to secure during the first month of the raise."

Austin Lee, Founder & COO @ Kaya

"HiHome is officially closing our pre-seed round this week with ~1/2 of the investors coming through OnePager OR were referred to us by someone who found us on OnePager -- woohoo!"

Tony Shu, Co-Founder @ HiHome

"At first we were skeptical. Investor Day flies in the face of the traditional “warm intros only” approach to fundraising. But how can you argue with results? At least 10 reputable VCs reached out to us within a few days of the investor day. It was a huge time saver!"

Dustin Boss, Founder @

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A note to founders: we want to provide exposure to as many companies as possible, so we don't decide what a "good" idea or team looks like. If your company's OnePager is complete and you are actively fundraising, we want to share it! We'll always reach out to you first to confirm that you'd like to be included.

For more information, check out these blog posts on OnePager Best Practices and more information on Investor Day.