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Someone you know is job hunting. Help them out and cash in.

Jack O'Brien

OnePager Co-Founder

October 15th, 2021

I’ll say it again: the job market for anyone working in tech today is blazing hot. Recruiters are battling for talented individuals, and starting compensation offers are through the roof. If you have engineering, sales, marketing, or operations skills and are actively seeking a new position, you’re probably going to land a great job. However, many people reading this are thinking the same thing: this job boom doesn’t apply to me.

You might not be actively looking for a job, but someone you know certainly is. LinkedIn reports that at any time 30% of the workforce is actively seeking new job opportunities. On top of that, 89% of all workers are open to exploring new roles. So pick a group of 5 friends and work colleagues. Chances are 1 is seeking a new job, and 4 are open to new opportunities. Maybe all 5!

Overall we see a few major trends:

  • Salaries for technology jobs are skyrocketing
  • You likely know someone actively job hunting, and several people open to new roles
  • Companies are willing to offer large referral bonuses for great people

Recruiting Bounties Newsletter

We created the recruiting bounties newsletter to bridge the gap between these trends and help you cash in. We want to empower you to help your friends and colleagues in a way that’s worthwhile for you and respects your time. Signup for our newsletter, and we’ll send you 10-15 job listings from top startups with built in referral bounties.

Our newsletter was created with a few key decisions in mind:

  • Unobtrusive - Skim our newsletter in a single minute.
  • Relevant - Set preferences and we’ll only send jobs relevant to you and your network.
  • Valuable - Bounties worth your time with an average value of $5,000.
  • Productized Referrals - We handle referral tracking and pay out, all you have to do is send the right jobs to the right people.

This newsletter adds a single email and roughly a minute of review time to your inbox each week for the chance to change your friends’ lives. Switching jobs is an intense, time-consuming decision, but if you stay put in a hiring market like today it likely means you’re being undervalued. So help your friends and colleagues take advantage, it might majorly alter their lives for the better and we’ll make sure you’re well compensated.

You can join our newsletter here. Good luck out there!

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