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Use OnePager to Stand Out when Recruiting

Jack O'Brien

OnePager Co-Founder

October 1st, 2021

There has never been a better time in history to be a tech worker on the hunt for a job. You might even be happily employed, but today the tenacious recruiters will find you. As more of our lives revolve around technology, in part expedited by COVID-19, companies have rushed to hire more tech-fluent people. This trend has born an arms race of salary increases across tech companies of all sizes, and unleashed a wave of founders and dedicated recruiters seeking engineers, product managers, and designers to keep their businesses moving forward.

The wild rate of salary increases won’t last forever, but these tech-skilled people will continue to be sought after for a long time. From the perspective of hire-ers, effectively recruiting will only be more difficult, especially for founder attempting to run a new business in parallel.

Matching Problems

One of the best applications of the internet has always been matching problems. With information neatly organized online, it’s easier to find homes (Zillow), products (Amazon), and relationships (Hinge). Hiring is one of the more complex matching problems, because like relationships it requires commitment from both parties. Several companies old and new are attempting to improve hiring (Indeed, AngelList, LinkedIn, to name a few), but in today’s tech boom candidates are in control. Many companies can’t even begin to find a match because they can’t keep a candidate’s attention.

I know because I’ve experienced this myself!

When I was employed at Google and left with no indication of interest in leaving (though I did eventually leave to co-found OnePager), I received an average of two recruitment messages per day reaching out via email or LinkedIn. Most messages were from recruiters, with some outreach from founders and company leadership at growing startups. All messages consisted of a block of text that I’d often put off reading, and finally skim before replying that I wasn’t interested. I’m incredibly lucky to have software knowledge and be in the position to ignore recruitment outreach, but I think that is becoming the reality for more and more people around the tech industry.

There’s a lot to handle in that recruitment outreach. You have to sell the company vision. You have to sell the role. You have to sell the team. And you have to do all of this in a way that invites the candidate to read the information and consider uprooting their life to work with you.

With OnePager, we do all of this significantly better than a block of text.

OnePager for Recruiting

OnePager for recruiting allows you to easily create a consumable job description with context around the company. Especially for companies without an established public brand (AKA most of them), selling candidates on the company’s purpose and their role’s relationship to that higher goal is a necessity. From our experience building OnePager for fundraising, we’re able to give full context to the company, and provide a basic structure to fill in role specific information.

Want to see a complete recruiting OnePager one for yourself before reading further? Check out this one for an Account Executive @ Ramp.

Some feedback we’ve gotten from candidates on recruiter outreach is the high density of information in their messages. Often recruiters only have one chance to make an impact, and pack their initial outreach with all bits of information that might perk up the ears of an interested candidate. This leads to long, unapproachable emails that are frequently ignored. On a recruitment OnePager, we suggest using the most visible section of the application above the fold to sell the candidate on the role narrative, follow that information with background on the company, and finally share additional information about the role (duties, required qualifications, compensation, equal opportunity statement). All of this information is packed behind expandable FAQs to keep the information approachable and consumable

From here, we allow recruitment OnePagers to include all other fields of a fundraising OnePager: team bios, deck, video, metrics, fundraising, and notable investors and advisors. All of this to sell candidates why your company is the place to be.

Finally, from a recruiter’s perspective, recruiting OnePagers are complete with all of the best access control and analytics features from fundraising OnePagers. Track user engagement with the page and their interaction with relevant links (did they click apply, but not complete an application?). Choose if you’d like users to be able to view anonymously, require emails before viewing, or require access to be granted before viewing. Control your recruitment on the platforms you alreach use, and review engagement in the app (or export for our Pro users!).

I’m excited that we can now confidently offer this improved recruiting tool to all of our great users, many of which are overwhelmed by the difficulty of growing their teams today. Duplicate a fundraising OnePager, create a job title and description, and send it out to candidates via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Discord. It’s that easy to share the complete role with context.

Overall, this fits into the broader vision I’ve always had with OnePager: if we can help more companies find the right people, resources, and tools we will enable more great ideas to grow into sustainable businesses. So create a recruiting OnePager today and grow your idea with a team that loves your vision!

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