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How to Refer Your Founder Friends to OnePager

Jack O'Brien

OnePager Co-Founder

December 3rd, 2021

This week we launched the OnePager referral program. It’s a chance for anyone to own equity in early stage startups. You refer a company, you own a percentage of equity in that company if they raise with us.

Get your referral link now. It’s a no overhead scout program.

A little detail on how OnePager works: Companies sign up for the product, we showcase them to 1000+ investors, and we launch SPVs for companies that we connect with high signal investors. For each SPV, we take a carried interest fee levied on the investors. This way your friend’s startup gets great exposure, and you as the referrer get some of our equity (not your friend’s). Now you own a part of a startup!

So you know someone starting a company, but how do you start the conversation to refer them to OnePager!? We put together a few ideas, feel free to copy and paste these openers with your unique referral link.

Slightly formal referrals (Someone you don’t know well)

Hi - I know you started raising and I want to help. Just found this tool that helps you get in front of over 1,000 investors all at once, can be a big time saver: <your-link>

You should check out OnePager - they get founders in front of funds like Sequoia and NEA through their Investor Day every other week: <your-link>

Hey! Take a look at OnePager, they’re a sleek presentation product for fundraising and they can showcase your company to over 1,000 investors: <your-link>

Now that you have a strong lead investor it should be much easier to close the rest. If you use OnePager they can get it out to a bunch of investors all at once so you can speed up the process: <your-link>

Causal referrals (Someone you know fairly well)

Hey friend - Do me a favor and check out OnePager. Worst case nothing happens, best case we’re both millionaires (you much more than me): <your-link>

Awesome traction! Once you start fundraising from institutional investors you should check out OnePager. They have a big audience of top VCs that they share startups with: <your-link>

I’m serious, it takes 3 minutes to sign up for OnePager and could save you hours in cold outreach: <your-link>

Fundraising is sales. If you use this product OnePager they can help you fill the top of the funnel. Also, if you use my referral code and they end up following one of the fancy investors they find for you I get part of their carry... <your-link>

Have you tried using OnePager’s Investor Day to kick off your raise? It’s like rocket fuel for fundraising: <your-link>

Now that you have Sequoia on board you’re going to have a bunch of investors trying to follow on. You should use OnePager to ride the momentum and see as many options as possible so you can choose the best partner: <your-link>

Holy Toledo! OnePager is incredible - you know how to do your job better than me, but if you don’t use it you’re not fundraising right: <your-link>

Extremely casual referrals (Someone you know very well)

Hey, sign up for this now. If you raise money through this company I’ll have a chance to own part of your startup. Do it for me. Your friend. <your-link>

You use DocSend? DocSend is stupid! OnePager tracks all of the same analytics, as well as everything else the investor engages with while looking at your information. <your-link>

New get rich quick scheme: We use OnePager and raise $10M to buy DOGE. <your-link>

It’s your raise and you need it now! Call <your-link>

10x better than that NFT mint I sent over earlier. You sign up for this, it will help you fundraise faster, and we could both make some serious cash: <your-link>

You’re my friend. I like you and your company. Sign up for this, it will help: <your-link>

Fundraising exposure for all founders

We think every founder deserves quality fundraising exposure. That includes you and anyone you know who’s starting a company. Thanks for sharing OnePager!

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