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GSV x OnePager Boards: A Success Story

Nic Mahaney

OnePager Co-Founder

September 29th, 2021

Global Silicon Valley, or GSV, is a leader in the startup ecosystem for identifying, advising, investing and accelerating some of the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world. Whether it’s their legendary venture firm, lead by Michael Moe, or their programs to help small businesses around the world, GSV is known for creating systems and practices to help startups grow.

Back in January 2021, Anita Rehman & Jonathan Chang faced a problem with their upcoming GSV Startup Bootcamp II. After a successful first program, they realized that a larger second Bootcamp would create a massive operational bottleneck:

How are we going to organize and share information about all of these companies?

OnePager & Boards

Around that same time, the OnePager team released a beta of our new product, Boards, which helps consolidate information about groups of companies under a single URL. Take a look at an example Board. Boards was built so that startup community organizers, like Anita & Jonathan, can spend more time helping companies and making connections, and less time making spreadsheets.

When Jonathan came across our beta announcement in the Gen Z VC Slack community (shoutout to the iconic Meagan Loyst!), the opportunity to use Boards checked all the boxes:

  • Empower founders to consistently update their information in a single source
  • Make it easy for organizers to keep track of companies’ information.
  • Provide a simple way for the program network to view these companies

The benefits for everyone involved were clear, so the GSV team decided to have their companies create OnePagers for Startup Bootcamp II. It was a massive success. Hundreds of companies leveraged OnePager not only as a tool to help organize and share their information behind a single URL, but also as a best practices template for what information they should be sharing. As the Bootcamp Pitch Competition wrapped up the program, it was time for Anita & Jonathan to organize and share their 77 finalists.

Sharing Groups of Companies

The traditional process takes days. Prompt founders to write up descriptions and bios about their companies and teams, respectively. Upload a pitch deck in a specific format, by a specific time. Follow-up with any missing information or wrong formats. All before consolidating in a massive dropbox folder or excel file with links, and sharing that with 1,000 people.

With OnePager & Boards, it took about fifteen minutes.

GSV was able to sign up and create a Board with their branding, add important members of the team, and start uploading the 77 finalists’ OnePagers in one single workflow. On top of that, founders no longer had to get their information finished and uploaded by a certain deadline - they were able to make changes to their pitch deck, team bios, FAQs, and Metrics even after their OnePager was shared.

Investors Love Boards

From an audience standpoint, Boards is a much more consumable way to view information about groups of companies at once. With easy-to-use filters and customizable tags, investors can navigate through bigger lists to ensure they are only looking at companies within their criteria.

Investors are also able to quickly preview information about companies before diving deeper into learning more, making their review process more time efficient than the traditional path of downloading and clicking through a few pages of a deck before realizing they are not interested.

In Conclusion

OnePager & Boards help community organizers spend more time helping companies and making connections, and less time making spreadsheets. By allowing companies to live-update their information without creating a bottleneck of sharing that same information, operational inefficiencies take a backseat to building and connecting. GSV Startup Bootcamp saved themselves days of editing and uploading by using OnePager & Boards.

Boards is a tool for anyone that works with multiple startups at the same time: Incubators, Accelerators, Syndicates, Funds, Entrepreneurship Clubs, Slack Groups, Recruiters, Pitch Competitions - if there’s more than a few startups involved - Boards is for you. By using Boards, you’re able to focus on connecting companies with the best resources, spend less time organizing all of their information, and allowing founders to focus on their company.

Sign up for OnePager & reach out to for access to Boards!

Look at the GSV Startup Bootcamp II Board!

Look at the GSV Startup Bootcamp III Board!

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