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Visibility Over Your Fundraising Data with OnePager Analytics

Jack O'Brien

OnePager Co-Founder

November 12th, 2021

This week we released a set of heavily requested OnePager features for a vastly improved analytics experience for founders. We’ve always believed that founders should be in control of their data, and our product was designed from the beginning to give founders more insight into the fundraising process after they’ve sent their data along. Now, I believe our product can finally live up to the hype. It’s 10x better than sending a pdf pitch deck “into the fundraising void”!

These features give our users significantly more information about the level of interest and information seen by visitors. Let's look into what’s new:

Time on OnePager tracking

What we do: We track visitor time spent on a OnePager at 3 levels: total time, time spent actively viewing each card, and time spent on each page of the pitch deck if the deck is in view. On the OnePager analytics screen, we present this information in a bar chart that toggles between time on cards and time on deck.

Why it’s useful: Time spent viewing OnePager information is a great heuristic for visitor interest. Said another way, visitors that spend more time on your OnePager, are likely more interested in your company. By including more granular tracking, we hope to show founders which sections are performing best and which parts of your narrative might need work.

Visitor location tracking

What we do: Every time a visitor opens a OnePager, we record their location. On the analytics page, we’ll show the city and country of their IP address (ex. Manhattan, USA). Clicking this location will open a link to Google Maps in a new tab, showing an approximate location for the visitor's address using their IP address’s latitude and longitude.

Why it’s useful: Knowing a visitor’s location can be valuable to gauge their level of interest in your company. Remote may be the future, but if you’re a New York based company with interest from New York VCs, that should be a sign to follow up! On top of that, location provides an additional piece of information to verify your visitor identity. If a visitor claiming to be a Silicon Valley VC is located on the other side of the globe, you may want to reconsider.

Detailed link engagement logging

What we do: We log every click interaction with links and faq expansions on your OnePager. This tracking previously existed for company links and socials, but is now available for founders, investors & advisors, and faq expansions.

Why it’s useful: Detailed click engagement is another great data point to understand the level of context your visitors have before a followup conversation. If they didn’t open up an important FAQ with juicy details about your business, that’s probably a good place to start!

After all the feedback we’ve gotten from over 5,000 companies, I’m excited to finally release these features. We'll continue to improve the tool, and if you have any feedback or additional requests, please don't hesitate to reach out at!

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