We believe that helping companies find to the right people and resources will allow more great ideas to grow into sustainable businesses.

About OnePager

OnePager is a presentation tool for fundraising and recruiting. It helps company leaders bring together key information like pitch decks, team details, and demo videos under a single shareable URL. The URLs are customizable with share settings and click-by-click analytics built in.

On top of being a best-in-class sharing tool, OnePager leverages inputted data to provide businesses with personalized recommendations of the best people, resources, and tools for their business at that time in their lifecycle. The more you use OnePager, the better it understands your business and what’s relevant to you so it can point you in the right direction.

Meet Our Leadership

Adam Hardej, CEO

Jack O’Brien, CTO

Nic Mahaney, CPO

OnePager’s co-founders previously launched Open Scout together - the world’s largest non-exclusive VC scout program - with over 100 scouts reporting back to over 600 investors. It was through their work on Open Scout that they were able to connect with hundreds of founders and see the pain points that led them to build OnePager.